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As a graphic designer, I have worked in many different capacities throughout all phases of the design development cycle—from initial research and analysis, through graphic design and the creative process, and finally production, both for print and web.

I work on a wide variety of projects–logos, collateral, newsletters, annual reports, presentations, events, websites–for medical professionals, non-profit organizations, recruiters, software developers, and more.

The most rewarding aspect of my work is working hand-and-hand with clients to build their brand identity—starting with a logo and and building upon that first design to extend across all aspects of their business. Making sure that at every point along the way, their clients have a cohesive brand experience.

I specialize in the development of strong brand identities, cohesive marketing programs, and graphic design for both print and the web. I work with clients with a variety of needs—either on a project by project basis for defined projects—or on an on-call basis, acting as an extension of (or even in lieu of) your own design and marketing team. Whether a project is two hours or two hundred, each and every project is completed with meraki.

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Creative Director / Graphic Designer
Michelle Bea

Michelle Bea

Creative Director / Graphic Designer

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