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I'm Ryan Buckley, the current chair of Lamorinda Entrepreneurs. This organization has a long history of supporting entrepreneurs and promoting entrepreneurship in the Lamorinda area, and I'm looking forward to continuing this work. 

This year, 2020, has obviously been a challenge. More than 400,000 small businesses have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including many in our local communities. It's hard to bounce back from closing your company. 

However, technology entrepreneurship has proven to be resilient through this crisis, and I look forward to including more discussions about tech in our events and newsletters. It also happens to be the entrepreneurship that I'm most familiar with.

I look forward to seeing you online and eventually in person!



Ryan Buckley


Lamorinda Entrepreneurs


Our goal is to promote entrepreneuship throughout Lamorinda

Lamorinda Entrepreneurs is for entrepreneurs of all stripes, all ages, and all industries. We are an inclusive group that recognizes that all entrepreneurship is hard, whether you're opening a restaurant or an autonomous vehicle startup. We have plenty of experience and wisdom to share, and finding those common challenges and solutions is what makes networking so powerful. 

We host our own events and also partner with Chambers of Commerce and other economic development organizations in the area on their events. We support entrepreneurs and local businesses as best we can, and we're open to hearing about specific ways we can help. 


The types of events we run include: 

  • Show and tell

  • Pitch practice

  • Training workshops

  • Networking

We will continue to meet online until we can safely meet in person again.

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